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This site was formally the site of the Association of Formulation Chemists. The site hosted details of an international symposium on formulation chemistry that occurred in Las Vegas 1997.

Formulation chemists, or formulators, are responsible for providing chemicals that have a commercial use. The ability of chemists to formulate raw materials and chemicals into products such as medicines, cosmetics and agricultural chemicals is very valuable.

Let Us Have a Look into Some of the Benefits of Speed Reading

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You wish you were smart and capable of speed reading, right? Not a problem, there are just few techniques that you need to master in order to reap the remuneration of speed reading. In the very first stage, you must be aware of your reading speed. This will help you to know where you stand and the amount of practice that you should put in to move to the next higher level. Apart from reading with speed, you must also be able to comprehend the meaning of the passages that you are reading. Here we shall discuss about the reimbursement of speed reading that will keep you motivated throughout the learning process.

  1. Speed reading saves considerable amount of your time
  2. The vigor of the reader also does not go into waste
  3. As you can save your energy and time, you are capable of reading twice as much. Your mental horizon and knowledge increases this way. You are able to develop a strong foothold on the various topics and current affairs as well. This certainly helps those who are working as researchers.
  4. You can gain considerable amount of success in life as you continue the practice of speed reading.

If you think that these are some benefits that are worth considering, make sure that you are striving hard to attain that level of perfection. Rating your present speed is very important and for this you can log into the individual websites that offer tests to rate your speed. This is one of the best ways to develop insight about the kind of speed you have and the scopes of improvements that you have.
People with good speed reading qualities can read about 1000 words in a minute. They also have good comprehensible qualities and are capable of grasping about 85% of what they read. However, this category is constituted by only 1% of the total readers. Most of the readers are not capable of reading more than 200 words in a minute and can comprehend only 60% of the matter.

There are different ways you can make progress in your reading speeds. Attending speed reading seminars and getting in touch with the experts can help you to sharpen your reading skills. Little bit of commitment and patience is required for reaching the position you dream of. There are different online speed-reading programs that can be extremely helpful in this case. You can learn your lessons much better reading online rather than flipping through the pages of books every time you practice speed reading.

Formulating pet care

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With so many pet owners within the UK there is a large market for looking after peoples pets whilst they are away on holiday. There are of course many different methods how this can happen. The cheapest is probably to buy a self-feeding device that allows cats to eat a meal at given intervals that have been set by the owner. This method is only really acceptable for cats that can still get outside through a cat flap. Although a great method and highly convenient this should only be used for a short period of time such as 24hours.

Another cheap method is to ask a friend or neighbour to give regular visits or even better to look after the pet at their house. One of the main drawbacks of this method is the possibility of lost cats and dogs. Without exception lost pets is an occurrence that no one wishes to tell their friend or neighbour about when they return from their holiday. A more expensive method is a cattery or kennels. Although more costly the pressure and responsibility of friends and family is far less intrusive.

Chemistry overview

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Chemistry is a physical science that is concerned with the properties and characteristics of physical matter and the changes and processes that happen when different substances are mixed. Chemistry is often called the “central science”  because it links the other natural sciences together.

The focus of chemistry is to study and understand the interactions that take place between chemical substances which are called chemical reactions. These reactions can occur at the atomic level and the resultant changes in matter and energy are what chemical scientists are keen to document and understand.

Modern chemistry is the natural progression of a much older practice of alchemy. Alchemy had much more of a philosophical and spiritual outlook, although practitioners were fascinated by the various transformations of substances when they were mixed in the correct way. The most famous of these pursuits was the quest to turn base metals into gold.

The study of chemistry requires an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of matter, and how these combine to form substances. The basic unit of all chemistry is the atom that consists of a nucleus of protons and neutrons with a number of electrons. Atoms can be grouped as elements, according to the number of the protons they contain.

A molecule is a collection of atoms that are held together by bonds and is the smallest indivisible portion of any substance (apart from an atom) that contains the exact chemical specification of that substance.

Each element has its own unique physical configuration, although certain elements that have similar characteristics to each other will often behave in a similar manner. This was observed by a Russian chemist called Dmitri Mendeleev who came up with a way to classify and organise these elements. This method is known as the periodic table.

Chemistry has helped to define many of the chemical reactions that take place in the natural world and has greatly furthered our understanding of the world around us. In the modern world chemistry is a fundamental process in our daily lives.